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  CNBC    Mad Money  

    February 28, 2014
    6:00 - 7:01pm EST  

action" go to our website. check out our daily segment inside "fast money" as well. have a great weekend. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i just want to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you, so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. i'll explain this whole tuxedo thing later. for now, let's not beat around the bush. next friday's nonforeign payroll number is looming so large, it's already controlled much of the trading today. dow at one-point rally, 126
points for rapidly giving up its gains in the rn points. pulling back to end up 0.28% and the nasdaq declining 0.29%. some of the managers clearly troubled by events overseas. that's why the sudden drop before the recovery. but it's the behavior of the stocks within the averages that really concerns us. and they are all about people placing bets ahead of this powerful employment report for next week. so, the game plan is going to have to be about 75% nonforeign payroll report, and 25% stocks. that's the right ratio. how do i know how important this is? because i can read the tape. and because i studied this number and its impact nine ways to sunday for "get rich carefully," my new book, tells you what matters and what doesn't when you're making decisions about your money. and this number matters more than any other number that we ever get. first, the big dogs in this
market, i've opined on them endlessly. those are those slow-growing consumer and drug stocks. they haven't been able to get out of their own way for so long, it sickens me to watch them. kimberly-clark, clorox, pfizer. they've been so blah, they're like a triple dose of nyquil with a seroquel floater. but in the last 24 hours, ever since fed chair janet yellin told you that things are still sluggish and we still have some weak retail sales, there's been a growing sense of doom about this number. doom. so, what happens in doom? what do you buy? the food, the benverage, the drg stocks. the ones that do best when the economy is decelerating, and they're now headed ever-so-slightly back up. of course, they don't roar. of course, we don't know what this number will be. but we do know that if we get two down bate nonforeign payroll numbers in a roll, the big al indicators of capital, the pension and hedge funds will elect to sell the cyclical stocks with, the big industrials that have been so terrific in
the last ten days, and rotate, beach volleyball like, into exactly the kinds of stocks that climb today. let's double down on the stakes here. see, we've already had not one, but two weak payroll numbers in a row, which should have wrought havoc among the industrials, but didn't, because the stocks may have ural universally decided t slowdown was related to january's weather. last month, the stock market's gotten a free pass. but if next week's number is lousy, there will be no free pass this time. even as we all know february had some pretty nasty weather too. so the big boys are making their bets, and they're saying a week number's a hit. so earnings may not be that robust going forward. maybe there'll be those profit warnings. we're almost at that profit warning season. later on, after we award the golden bulls, i'll talk about some industrials that have been strong, however, that strength will perhaps wither if the
employment numbers are weaker than some are expecting. even if we get a weak number ton friday, there may be so much worry built into the market by then, that we could actually get a relief rally, as nutty as that sounds, because the worry that started today will at last be over, and that's been known to happen too. what i want to do for the rest of the game plan is assume we might stumble into weakness, so we have the correct bias going into next week's quarterly reports. this is one of those moments where it makes sense to plan for the weakest and the worst. let's start with the retail. let's start with acina. formerly as known as dress barn. this is one of those retailers that i accept had to rally on bad numbers. just like when we saw best buy, kohl's, sears, jcpenney, even target rallied. yes, they were bad numbers. don't think they're good, but they weren't awful enough. i think that will be ascena's story. and that reports after the bell. now, also after the bell is
solar city. what do we know about solar city? first, it's an elon musk company, and he's now viewed as being able to do no wrong. that's because of tesla, of course. and second, heavily shorted, it's been a real bad bet so far. third is part and parcel with this revolutionary new battery musk has up his sleeve for tesla. fourth, he already mentioned this week that things are good. so i figured with all of that, solar city goes higher, especially after the rare dip that it took today, as the shorts pressed it down. they failed. tuesday we hear from auto zone. and i say in "get rich carefully," auto zone's deep within the important theme of the new frugality in this country. the average car's been on the road for 12 years and car owners like going to auto zone to service their vehicles. i like the way that the company services the shareholders with huge buybacks that have managed to shrink this one. just an astounding 50% of the stock that trades over the last six years. they bought in. i would buy some of the reports and some after, because auto zone's been a terrific bet to buy.
sometimes it's down 10, 12 points and you've got to snap it up. listen to me, snap it pup. one is the maker of jack daniels. some analysts think it's expensive. i can tell you that the scarcity value alone, though there aren't a lot of hard liquor stocks to still trade, makes it worth a lot more than people think. plus, even better, when diaggio reported last, the numbers were miserable. but after initially getting hammered, the stock came right back. i couldn't believe it. that says buy brown foreman both before on tuesday and after it reports on wednesday. wow, thursday's got some big ones. three important stocks reporting for the open. and you're familiar with all of them from the show. joy global, kroger, and costco. my best is the first two simply fail to deliver. yep, joy global's machinery used to extract coal from the earth. we know that's rapidly going out of fashion in this country. kroger has been saying that things have gotten tough of late, even though it is the best operator in the group. and the whole super market sector is pretty challenged.
even whole foods was up today. but the third, costco, i think is going to be stock price determinant. listen to me, the other day i said to stephanie link that we should be buying costco ahead of the quarter for the charitable trust. because it got -- but then almost after i said it, it was right here, it quickly flew up. it got away from us, as part of that vast retail move. however, if it comes back down ahead of the quarter perhaps on tuesday and wednesday, mighty tempting. plus, costco has been able to transcend weakness in the economy before. i think it would be a good one again. finally, we actually get a report on friday that could be really interesting tactically. again, tactical is a trader term. footlocker. we've had a tremendous rally in the sneaker business and we know that macy's, which had a good quarter, has ceded sneaker control to the retailer. here's what i would do. if we get a weak employment number at $8.30, i'm sure that stock will be whacked as part of an overall s&p decline at the
opening. and that is when you pull the trigger. here's the bottom line. next week is all about friday. and friday's looking like a weak employment number. or at least that's how the big boys are positioning themselves today. who am i to disagree with them? now to some calls. and after that, of course, more on the tux and the golden bulls! neil in maryland, neil?! >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, chief. what's up? >> caller: first of all, i would like to thank you for doing an absolutely job to break down the financial markets on a daily basis. >> okay, thank you. >> caller: jim, my question, vlrs. i have been building a long position in vlrs. this week after announcing the 2013 financial results, go even further due to missed revenue and earnings expectations. >> here's what happened, okay? and that's a mistake. i thought that all airlines would go up. i've been very bullish on
airlines, i thought even the mexican airlines would go up. united air reported a number that was not good. and we still had a rally in american, but this is an emerging market play. and the emerging market, despite what you often hear from people who are trying to get your money to put in the emerging markets are awful, including mexico. and this has been brought down, mexico specifically. because there happens to be a very good company. ok okay, the game play for next week is not about monday, tuesday, we say, thursday, but it's about friday. and i think the number is going to be weak, and if it is, we'll get hit and then maybe stabilize and go up again. next up, the first annual golden bulls! stay with cramer. coming up, lights, camera, profits! jennifer lawrence and leo may light up the silver screen, but can they add star power to your portfolio? let hollywood take care of the box office. cramer's naming the wall street blockbusters that can boost your bottom line. stay tuned for the winners.
and later, you voted @jimcramer mm golden bulls for the market's breakout stock star. don't move. cramer reveals the viewer's choice for best picture, just ahead. plus, cramer welcomes a real star of the silver screen -- >> i'll have to call you back. >> as "mad money's" first annual golden bulls show continues.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ with the academy awards coming up on sunday, this is the time of the year when the media lavishes tons of attention on the movie industry. don't get me wrong. i like a good awards show. but unless you're a major studio
executive or an a-list actor, no movie has ever paid for your retirement or put your kids through college. all of which is my way of saying that if hollywood gets a big red carpet awards show, then the stock market deserves one too. look, i'm not saying we should celebrate wall street, which may be the only actress in america that's more wildly reviled than hollywood boulevard. but i am saying we should use the star-studded moment to acknowledge the stocks and ceos that have been putting a great job, just doing a fabulous job of getting money into your pocket. after all, not only are stocks the best engine for wealth creation out there, but when you don't like a stock, you can always sell it and get your money back. whereas if you shelled out 12 bucks to see "the lone ranger" or worse, the latest die-hard installment, that's gone forever, as well as two hours of your life. two and a half hours if you got there on time and have to watch all those trailers. and that is why, tonight, i'm
unveiling the first annual golden bull awards helped by you from @jimcramer on twitter, hosted by, of course, yours truly, in order to celebrate the terrific companies and executives who deserve our recognition and our praise for their incredible performances over the last year. let's get started. our first golden bull category is best director, meaning the best ceo who's out there creating value for you, the shareholders. basically, the chief executive equivalent of martin scorsese, director of one of my absolute fave, "wolf of wall street," think "scarface" meets golden slacks. there's a school of thought that one guy at the helm can't make much of a difference either way. i think that's garbage. the ceo can do enormous harm or enormous good. believe it or not, this is actually a tough category, because contrary to the widespread popular perception of ceos as something between dishonest wall street banks or
gangster and the cruel inhuman face of late-stage capitalism, the truth is that ceos work for you, the shareholder. meaning you guys at home, okay? and there's a whole bunch of real straight shooter execs out there who do a phenomenal job of making you money. so, i don't have time to go through all the golden bull best director nominees, there are too many of them. i will say if you want a list of execs you can count on, you should pick up a copy of "get rich carefully," where i have a whole chapter devoted to the 21 ceos i consider truly bankable. there are a lot of strong contenders out here. chuck bunch, ceo of ppg, mark benoff, who just came on the show last night. you have a terrific opportunity to get into on weakness, as i predicted we might see. but the golden bull for best director in 2013 goes to -- bob iger. the transformational ceo of the walt disney company, a stock that gave you a 55% return last year and up another 6% for 2014,
making a new high today. under iger, disney has become a media content juggernaut. he's made a series of brilliant acquisitions, pixar in 2006, marvel in 2009, lucas film in 2012, making disney into a blockbuster factory, with colossal franchises, "the avengers," "star wars", and most importantly, iger has turned disney into a company that can keep delivering consistently excellent results for years and years. which is why i have been recommending disney the kind of stock that you can buy for your kids, virtually since the show began. it's not just the movie business that's on fire. disney's cable channels are a powerhouse. people want to watch sports in realtime. and the theme park business is in tremendous shape. plus, iger is an incredibly friendly shareholder backer. that's right, see, he is a ceo that cares about you, more than almost all of them. and he's got a truly epic buyback to prove it.
he absolutely deserves the golden bull for best director. that said, disney's went up ten points in the last month since that terrific quarter. if you want to invest with iger, no hurry. i just suggest you wait for a pullback before you pull the trigger. the stock market gives them even intraday, like today. our next category is best newcomer. there were so many phenomenal ipos last year, this is another tough call. looking through 2013's best ipo performance -- why am i hiding? there's no name on this. you've got fire eye, the cybersecurity play, you've got marquetteo, the cloud-based marketing software, and of course you've got twitter. but of all the impressive newly minted public companies from last year, the golden bull for best newcomer goes to zulily! yeah, zulily! the ecommerce company that offers all kinds of fresh sales and deals for babies and moms. 4,000 outfits at 9:00 a.m.
zulily became public at 22 bucks and spiked up to $37.70 on its first day of trading. but what sets zulily apart is the set actually had real follow-through. when zulily reported earlier this week, the company literally blew away the numbers, doubling its revenues year over year. the shot up 36% in a single session, and even after today's pullback, it's now trading at $63. -- $68.39. meaning if you bought zulily on the open market right after it became public, you'd now have an astounding 81% gain. you will not get that from any oscar that's given away on sunday. and it's given you a 59% return since i recommended it in january. why is zulily so strong? okay, this is a company that's found a fabulous a niche. an ecommerce site that targets mothers with young children. the management team here comes from blue nile, the online jewelry retailer that revolutionized the business of selling diamonds. and they've designed zulily in
such a way that it offers terrific values and gives users a real treasure hunt experience, thanks to all the flash sales and daily deals. in short, these guys, they are reinventing the way online retail works, and i know i got some of you with jim cramer at twitter really furious at me, but i am telling you, it can rival amazon in its beastness. isn't it funny, that all the beasts seem to come out of seattle? including marshall lynch from the seahawks. we celebrate zulily, give it a golden bull award, and but -- this is a very big but, we do not buy the stock at these levels. if you bought it last month, ring the register on some of your position, play with the house's money. however, the stock has rallied an enormous distance in a short period of time, which means if you are buying it up here, you are chasing. and we do not chase on "mad money." that's just irresponsible. on the other hand, if zulily keeps selling off like it did today, it would definitely be worth revisiting at a lower level, because the underlying
story is so strong. here's the bottom line. the stock market's best performers deserve to be celebrated, at least on "mad money," at least in cramerica, hence this faux award show, distinguished only by my tuxedo. the golden bull for best goes to iger for disney and the golden bull for best newcomer goes to zulily. we've got more awards coming, including best picture. so stay tuned after the break. coming up, the show must go on. cramer's handed out the hardware for the best director and newcomer on wall street. but there's a lot more gold to give out. which market start will take home the lifetime achievement award? plus, you voted @jim cramer #mmgoldenbulls for the market's breakout stock star. don't move. cramer reveals the viewer's choice for best picture when
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version of the oscars for the stock market. except without all that glitz, glamour, and gaudy designer clothes. on the other hand, i bet we have better sound effects, at least when it comes to animal noises. >> buy, buy, buy! >> my point here is to reward the companies that make us money with the same level of recognition or even adoration that we give to the actor, actresses, and filmmakers who bag an academy award and make us nothing. while as much as i like watching "wolf of wall street," the fact is the real-world stocks of wall street have a much more real-world impact on your life. let's get back to the awards, for best editing. this is the companies that have realized they can realize the most value by taking a hatchet to the way their businesses are organized to transform themselves into smaller, more focused operations, that are also more appealing to the market. which favors easily digested pure plays over complicated con glam rats. i diverted a whole chapter i
devoted to "get rich carefully" to just these corporate breakups and by the way, they make for easier acquisitions too. a couple of weeks ago we heard that occidental petroleum will be spinning off its acquisitions. we also know that ebay is under a lot of pressure from old hand activist investor, carl icahn to break off paypal. i believe that would unlock a tremendous amount of value. but, i say the golden bull for best editing goes to a company that you may not be focused on at all. it goes to beam, the liquor company behind jim beam, maker's mark, and that famous bar in brooklyn. last month, we learned that beam is being acquired by suntori, that big privately held japanese spears business for $16 billion. a 25% premium to where the stock was traded before the announcement. why am i giving the award for best editing or really best breakup to a takeover target? because beam is the essence.
the takeout is the final consequence of the breakout that began in 2011. it's like a sequel. the fortune's brand breakout seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. and it's the perfect illustration. when the old fortune's brands announced its breakup plan, they had a value of $13 billion. then it sold its golf segment, spun off its home furnitushing business and changed the remain liquor name to beam. this is what made it possible for suntori to consider acquiring beam in the first place. when you add the components of the old fortune brands all together, they're now worth north of $25 billion. basically, the breakup nearly doubled the value here. of course, there's no reason to own beam now that it's being bought, but it's still worth celebrating these tremendous gains, because they form a pattern i want you to learn about that could repeat itself with many other companies. we'll always try to point them out, too. next, the golden bull lifetime achievement award, which goes to the retiring ceo with the most impressive track record of value creation.
and the lifetime achievement award goes to mark summer. what can i say about pappa? he took a small independent oil and gas company that was spun uh off by enron in 1999, and turned it into america's first new major oil company in ages. yes, the large independent. in many ways, papa is the father of what we know now is the domestic oil and gas revolution. he made eog a leading player in the rebirth of the permian. plus, the company papa left behind is still going strong, even with its $50 billion plus market cap, eog continues to grow like a weed. in its most recent quarter, the company delivered a magnificent 40% increase in oil production. do you know that hit an all-time high today? mark papa, you did a heck of a job and we are sad to see you go. last but not least, we have the golden bull viewer's choice award for best picture. we've been taking your votes all week for this one @jimcramer on
twitter, so which stock did you, the audience, pick for best picture? you chose facebook. now, i thought about overruling you. i thought about overruling the viewer's choice here, because, of course, this is my show. and i'm allowed to be as arbitrary and capricious as i want. my first impulse was to say while facebook certainly comes close, in my view, last year's best picture was chipotle mexican grill. but i thought about it and you won me over. facebook's terrific, more on that later. the ruthless head of the industrial pharma and industrial bureau, the online series. but the best picture, golden bull does go to your choice, facebook. my reasoning. first of all, facebook is the king of social media. it now gets 53% of its ad revenues from people who access the site via mobile devices. the future. you know that when it comes to tech, i'm a big believer in the hoe tli trinity of social, mobile, and cloud. facebook dominates that trinity and very much about connectivity, that's another major trend. and that's a big reason why we
own the stock for my charitable trust. and second, facebook is the answer to every advertiser's prayers. giving them a way to deliver individual, targeted smart advertising to 1.2 billion people who are actually interested in the ads! third, facebook keeps putting up incredible numbers. its latest quarter, the company grew its revenues by 63% year over year. this is not a small company, expanded its gross margin by 580 basis points, grew mobile by 300%, increased the pricing of ads by 92%. as many people were shocked by the $19 billion price tag for facebook's paying for that what's app, i think the deal could be a serious positive longer term. i'm not kidding. what's app is the way young people message each on their own phones without racking up text message fees. it has 560 million users. i think $19 billion was a small price to pay compared to where what's app might have traded if it had gone ipo. and facebook's not that expensive on a growth basis. i know, far from cheap, but it's
not, not super pricey when you consider the company's 32% long-term growth rate, or the fact that momentum-oriented hedge funds will buy this for practically any price. here's the bottom line. the golden bull award for best editing goes to beam. the golden bull lifetime achievement award goes to mike papa, the retired ceo of eog. and our viewer's choice best picture golden bull goes to facebook. a decision that i agree with 100%. now let's go to warren in north carolina. warren?! >> caller: jim, how you doing? boo-yah! >> boo-yah. what's going on, warren? >> caller: not a whole lot. waiting on the carolina panthers to do a little something next year. i'm with dupont and would like to know how it's going to go with the spin-off. could you tell me anything about that? >> i think that dupont could trade to the 70s rather quickly after the spin-off. it could be a just -- i think it's going to go up. why? because coleman has figured out exactly what you have to do if you're running a great american conglomera
conglomerate. you've got to get out of the commodity stuff, which no one will give you a price for, because the chinese can come and slash it, and get into the proprietary. she's doing a great job. she's bankable. so thank you for watching "mad money's" first annual golden bulls awards. best director goes to disney's bob iger. best newcomer is zulily. the lifetime achievement award to mark papa. and best picture, or stock, in this case, was both the viewer's choice and mine, facebook. i would like to take a personal moment to thank -- hey, i'm getting played off my own show. stay tuned for special best comedy award later. stick with cramer! and still ahead, cramer welcomes a real star of the silver screen -- >> i have to call you back. >> -- as "mad money's" first annual golden bull shows continues.
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it is time, it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." rapid-fire calls where i say the stock, don't know the calls or stocks ahead of time. when you hear this sound, the "lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the li"lightning round
on cramer's "mad money." start with paul in texas. paul? >> caller: boo-yah cramer. bearish or bullish on the new business strategy of transocean. >> i don't really like the contracts. there's so many other buyers. >> sell, sell, sell. >> let's go to jerry in washington. jerry? >> caller: yeah, jimmy? >> yeah. >> caller: a super bull boo-yah to you. >> i'll take it and right back to you. >> caller: from washington. >> thank you. >> caller: one thing, i was on hold jed for half an hour. i must have heard you say boo-yah at least 50 times. >> well, there you go. i try to get 50 in each show. what's up? >> caller: i think adt is looking cheap. what do you think? >> no. i think it's come down a lot, but i don't like management. so, you know what, it could look cheap and it could stay cheap. i stay away from adt! can i go to ed in florida? ed?! >> caller: boo-yah, jim! >> boo-yah, ed. >> caller: this is ed in florida in boynton beach, and i wonder
you feel about lowe's. >> my charitable trust owns home depot, i was impressed, good conference, too, guys, lowe's. jim in new york. jim? >> caller: boo-yah, cramer! >> how are you? >> caller: good, good. question on hsc. >> all right, i told you the refiners had become too commodity like. it had a lot to do with the spread between brent and west texas intermediate. not so good right now. if you want to own one, holly is one of the best. let's go to adrian in tennessee. adrian?! >> caller: yes, jim. could you tell me about sea change. >> oh, digital video? digital video is too hard, sir. i have no problems, i'm supporting this high max here and that seems to be stalled out. on want to be in that business. may i go to john in florida? john? john? >> caller: yeah, hi, jim. it's john c.. >> how you been, boss? >> caller: glad to have you back. i missed you. >> yeah, i missed the show. what's up? >> caller: jim, i want to say
happy anniversary to my wife. tomorrow's our 50th wedding anniversary. >> you're a lucky man. congratulations. >> caller: yeah, i am. and the stock i'm interested in, jim, is atnell, atnl. >> john, you know, that's too much of a commodity play for me. look, sky works is the commodity play that's doing really well. i don't want you in atmel, but i want to, you a happy anniversary. can i go to larry in arkansas, please. larry? >> caller: yeah, jim, nice to hear from you. >> how are you? >> caller: good. i have a question about tyson stock. jim, last quarter 2013, sales up 7% from the prior year. are they keeping administrative and general expenses down and keeping the operating profit up? >> they've done a fabulous job, larry. i want to tell you, i miss it. i thought that this was a play that didn't have this kind of shelf life, but the grain costs came down. i was thinking farmed and dangerous, they're thinking it's a real fantastic situation. the bulls have been right on tyson. i have not been bullish enough. can i go to carolyn in kentucky,
please? carolyn? >> caller: hi, jim, this is carolyn, morganfield, kentucky. i have a question about pinnacle foods, pf. i own some shares and i'm looking to increase my shares, but with a focus on healthy lifestyles and the slow start-up of pinnacle foods, is that a wise move? >> i don't know. i think, let's hear, they report next week. now, i will tell you this, they've done a very good, quiet job of moving the stock up, but it's not part of the white wave cohort, which is what people want right now. they want natural, organic, and that's been the stock's problem. can i go to joe in indiana, please? joe! >> caller: thanks, jim. fleetcorp technologies, flt. >> this is such a good company. i am going to do a segment on it. and i've been kicking myself, how good it is. this is a payment processer, i like all the payment processors. i like alliance datas, that's my favorite. but that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade.
and now, the nominees for best comedy. ♪ >> what do you think? my daughter and i snap chat. >> i don't even know what you're talking about. ♪ >> oh, nasty. ♪
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at a special site for tv viewers; go to . what if i were to tell you that that animal can survive without ever eating a plant? >> i'd call my stockbroker. >> well, you call him first
thing tomorrow morning, because pet pet pet petropellet is a game changer. >> this is petroleum. >> did he say petroleum? >> you don't need me to tell you that we live in a really cynical, jaded era. which makes it hard to advertisers to get through to people. but there are still companies that know how to connect with their customers. take chipotle, a company that builds itself genuinely as the organic and natural choice to the corrupt, unhealthy, industrialized food chain. so they make their own tv show, "farmed and dangerous," a comedy that highlighted the absurdity of the mainstream agricultural industry. the show is currently airing on hulu. i think there's more to promoting chipotle's message than any number of traditional advertisements would. this kind of branded content could be the future of advertising. and for those of you who are leery of corporations directly making their own shows rather than sponsoring them indirectly, all i can say is that "farmed
and dangerous" is so funny, it almost made me wet -- well, let's just say it's very funny. too much information, perhaps. that's why i'm thrilled to have the star of "farmed and dangerous," the great ray wise, who plays buck marshall, the head of the industrial food business. welcome to "mad money." >> hi, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> i've always wanted to say that to you. >> thank you so much, ray. i've always loved your stuff, and when i saw you in this, i immediately wanted to say, now, this is the kind of job that i see you as villains a lot, but this is a villain who seems to be in on what he's doing wrong. did that appeal to you as an actor? >> oh, yes, yes. that whole subtext. it's great. buck marshall is a great character, he's bigger than life, but he knows how to do his job well and it's fun. it's fun. the writing is extremely good, so i really love playing it. >> well, let's talk about that.
that's what i think. i find it -- i usually don't laugh at commercials. this is, in some ways, a commercial, but it's a drama. do you find -- is there anyone you've come across, because i know you've done a lot of press and talked to a lot of people about this, who believes that there could be an ifib, there could be an agricultural food chain that is this corrupt? >> i suppose so, sure. you know, ifib, industrial food image bureau, i'm the ceo. and i know that you have mostly ceos on your show, and so i'm very proud to be a fictional ceo on your show. yeah, i think, you know, it's the argument between the big food companies, the big food giants and the sustained agriculture people, and it's an issue that's going to exist for a long time, i think. >> well, when i first saw it, i knew it was from chipotle, because i had talked to him about it. but most people don't understand that it has anything to do with chipotle. and i image when they came to you, they didn't say, listen, chipotle wants you to play buck marshall.
>> they approached it as strictly a theatrical piece, a four-part mini series, and they sent me the script and i liked it very much and i thought it was very funny. and chipotle didn't enter my mind until later on, when we started the production process itself. they had a very light footprint all during the production. and you would never know that chipotle was behind it. we had to product placement, no burritos on the conference table. but i do hope that some day i get the gold card to be able to get the free burritos from chipotle. >> well, do you think -- look, i've got -- you've played many -- you're playing a great villain right now, "young and restless," they obviously know that you've played these villains that are kind of in on the joke, but at the same time, you have to admit, this is a rather sophisticated polemic against the food chain, which, by the way, i have to interview ceos all the time who are part of the food chain. and i'm wondering whether they're not just plain embarrassed by ifib. >> oh, sure, i would think so.
in fact, i would think that we're getting some pretty scathing tweets and e-mails from those organizations. >> because it does feel like a "thank you for smoking." in some ways, the food industry, which has always had a pretty good halo, has got to be -- but you know so much about the department of agricultural be in favor of the food chain. they're vilified and you vilify them in a hilarious way. >> in a funny way. i think that's important, because it makes it more palatable to the viewing audience and gets them to thinking and that was chipotle's whole goal, was to get people start thinking about their food and where it comes from. so they can make more informed choices. and i'm great to be in on the satire. >> but i think you're right, though. that's it. they're not saying, you must be anti-food chain. they're saying, there's food that you don't know about and food that you might like more. that's really the purpose of it and they're kind of betting that you'll come out on the natural side.
>> mm-hmm, yeah. i'm kind of on the natural side, i like to eat organic whenever i can. i juice every day, kale and arugula and vegetables and fruits. and i think it's an important message to people. so they can make more informed choices. >> do you think there's someone who would think that you're -- that a propagandist for chipotle, that you're so over the top, you make those guys look bad, that you don't want mcdonald's, anymore, which was one of the parents of chipotle. >> well, they were a chief investor, but i would never call them the parent. but buck marshall likes to spread that rumor. >> ray, i've got to thank you for coming on. i just felt this was the smartest way to get the word across, was to have you to play a character who clearly is a cynical guy, but actually on some level knows he's doing the wrong thing. >> mm-hmm, mm-hmm. and jim, thank you so much for having me on your show.
>> well, you're terrific. >> it's an honor and a pleasure. >> i didn't think you were the villain in season 5 of "24" until i learned you were. that was great casting too. boo-yah! >> boo-yah! >> that's ray wise starring in "farmed & dangerous" on hulu. i think it's the most effective way for chipotle to get its own message across. stay with cramer. monday, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post nine at the nyse. >> i will fall asleep sunday night. not until then. i'm not kidding. that stuff is just good drinking. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern.
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with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. it's my show. funny thing. have you noticed that people have forgotten while they're selling a few weeks ago? why do we hammer ppg after that quarter? was there anything wrong with 3m when they got bludgeoned. was this behavior anything new when you look at the calendar? most of these companies sold off because they reported during some dark days, where we thought the emerging markets were done for, the federal government might shut down, and the weather was so horrible that all of these things transcended longer term outlooks. >> the house of pain. >> but thing pp begun had been trading in the high-180s
cruising into the quarter. chuck bunch, the ceo, one of the most reliable execs out there has delivered time and time again through thick and thin, you'd know that if you watched the show for long enough. when ppg reported, the number was, i would say, perfect, on every metric. however, the worldwide selling squall, i'm not kidding when i say that all of chuck's hard work seemed to be obliterated on the altar of turmoil in turkey, argentina, and wait, what were the other countries? i forget. it seemed like a travesty to me, and when bunch came on "mad money," soon after that misunderstood quarter, i said so. talk about deaf ears, the stock kept falling, bottoming in the high-170s. think about this. a worldwide specialty chemicals quarter reports a huge number. singles in 2014 would be an excellent growth with the possibility of good mergers and a wild buyback thrown in and gets whacked because of an overall decline in the s&p 500 that had nothing whatsoever to
do with these prospects. it sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? yet that's pretty much what happens. the markets calm down and begin to see things for what they are, depending upon whether a company like ppg actually has something good to say. then we get reports about how well pain is saying all the way back to where it was before the quarter and then some. next, you know, paint makers, ppg, hits an all-time high today. $197.82, up more than four bucks in one session. and no one can even remember why they sold it down in the first place. eden's no different. when the company reported numbers wildly viewed as discipline, the stock plummeting from the high 70s to the high 60s. another bankable 21 came on "mad money" and told you not to worry, that the outlook for almost every business was improving in 2014, including constructions of all kind, you'd figure that that's an aha moment, right? a guy comes on the show and says this, no, no. instead, eaton sold off again
with the entire market, as people presumed that cutler, who was a very rigorous businessman, was simply being too bullish. that's not his style. things have calmed down and now people are taking a second look and they're liking what they see. it's the same way for any of the major nationals, where pessimism ruled the roost, 3m, now hope springs eternal. of course, it's possible, we have already swung too optimistically. but i will say this once again. when waves of future sellings bring down the stocks that are doing well and have successfully navigated downturns in the past, as they did this very afternoon, it's time to buy, not sell. maybe, if it happens again, people will actually listen. stay with cramer.
we get a lot of awards, but not the ones that make me look good every night. let's have the golden bull
moment for the crew! i like to say, there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you monday! the world came to russia for the olympic games and inactivity condemnation from nations around the world and the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any miltd intervention in the ukraine. >> did president obama draw another red line? did he threaten vladimir putin? he spoke out just two hours ago on the deteriorating situation in ukraine. news of russian troops on the ground spooked the markets and the rest of the west much we'll have a live report just ahead. national outrage grows over new york city mayor de blasio's decision to pull the plug on high performing charter schools.